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Gemini forecast for Thursday May 09, 2024

Updated: 4 hours ago
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Official ID papers contain lots of information about us. But they don't say anything about our personalities or our values. Today brings a chance to reassess your sense of identity; it's much more than your name, occupation, or qualifications. This is an opportunity to assess your achievements and appreciate the way you've dealt with the challenges that have come your way. As you establish a more positive view of yourself, you'll realise you're ready for the next stage of life's great adventure. Good. It looks very promising.

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May 08, 2024

Whatever is wearing you down, or bothering you, you can find a way to make it less problematic. The New Moon brings the inspiration to find a different approach. If you tap into your imagination and think laterally, you'll find an approach that works. Determination isn't going to help. Sometimes, believing that we simply need to keep going means we keep butting our heads up against the same brick wall. Today, as long as you're prepared to adapt and change your plans, there's the potential for exciting, progressive change.

May 07, 2024

Expectations are part of life. Even if we push them to the back of our minds, they have a way of influencing our plans and actions. The issue is that having an idea of what's in store can stymie our creativity; it makes us less receptive to other possibilities. We're so convinced that we know how things 'should' be that we don't think about how they 'could' be. So we continue doing the same old things in the same old ways. You can't follow a normal path right now. But you can trust that what's abnormal is better than you expect.

May 06, 2024

As Saturn links to mysterious Pluto, it's important to stay calm and sensible. You don't want to get carried away. No matter the cause (whether it's a drama, or a dream) take a breath before leaping into action. The planet of transformation is obscuring the reality. Which means it's easy to make mountains out of molehills. The trick is to pause. Stand back, and allow things to unfold. By tomorrow, you'll be better able to judge the need to respond. And don't let anyone else pressurise you into taking action either. Be firm and strong today.

May 05, 2024

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: You're a negotiator, a truth-seeker; optimistic yet pragmatic. With so many unusual talents, it's no wonder people find it hard to get to know the 'real' you. But those who make the effort find themselves in the company of someone special. The truth is that you know the world is far from ideal. And your awareness of life's inevitable ups and downs enhances your ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Which means you're more than capable of sorting out a hiccup in your relationship world. And transforming a negative into a positive.

May 04, 2024

Your Weekly Horoscope: Anxiety, according to the experts, is looking ahead and predicting a bad outcome. Surely, if it's that simple we should be able to stop ourselves from stressing! But we find it hard to take situations moment by moment. And when we project our fears and concerns onto whatever's unfolding in our lives the future can look scary. This week, rather than worrying about something that hasn't happened, make space for a stroke of luck to enter your world. You need to be in the mood to embrace the positive change the New Moon brings.

May 03, 2024

How are we meant to tell heroes from villains? Old films did the work for us. The costume designers made it crystal clear. The 'good' characters were dressed in white; the 'bad' ones in black. It would be easy if these reductive binaries worked in real life. But we don't wear our intentions on our sleeves. And goodness manifests in many different ways. Don't jump to conclusions this weekend. Your expectations could do with some revision too. If you go beyond first impressions, you'll make a connection that enhances your life.