There are six areas that specific focus should be given as plugin-related changes coming in 5.5:

1.) Note the version of jQuery shipped in core will be updated in 5.6 and as a first step jquery-migrate is no longer enqueued by default in 5.5. Updates to your code are required if you rely on jquery-migrate or .live() to function properly as they are being removed. You can verify this by checking your code with WP_DEBUG enabled to make sure you are not using deprecated code. Please do this to avoid unnecessary support requests and negative reviews for your plugin:

2.) Note the new plugin auto-update UI and how to ensure your plugin is ready for the new auto-updates system:

3.) Note the Block Directory guidelines ( and how to get your block plugin added to the Block Directory:

4.) Note the new XML sitemap feature and how it can be integrated with your plugin:

5.) Note the deprecated $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA global variable in the PHP related improvements & changes devnote:

6.) Note the various plugin recommendations in the miscellaneous changes devnote:

In order to ensure compatibility, you can download and beta test your plugin with the latest WordPress version here:

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